Cyber Security Services

Cyber Security Services it’s the technologies, processes, measures and training that are designed to protect individuals, systems, networks and data from cyber crimes and which ensure Continuity and stability of the business.


Penetration testing
1- IT infrastructure (physical & logical)
2- networks
3- systems
4- websites
5- human elements
Security assessment
1- measure cyber risks
2- measure cyber security awareness
3- Finding out how prepared you are and your business
Solutions & plans
1- Training for technical and non-technical
2- implementing plans to Bridge the gaps & treating vulnerabilities
3- IT Disaster Recovery Plans

1- foreign markets research and studies.
2 -Compatibility with the standards required for export.
3. Development of capabilities and logistical solutions.
4 – Recommending solutions of banking facilities to ensure the rights of the exporter.• We help you to select and apply advanced technological solutions at each stage of the work for the entire company’s departments. it is provided as a separate solutions or integrated according to the needs of each company.

  • We help companies transform their traditional work systems into modern work systems applicable with technology which helps our clients to develop more and achieve a higher success rates.

Our Services

1- Restructuring and change management
2 – Designing business plans and supervising the implementation to achieve the strategic objectives.


Our Services

1- Preparing feasibility studies for new projects and expansions of existing projects.
2. Preparing the required studies for the Partnerships and managing the negotiation processes.
3. Managing the financing operation o fthe company.